Our partners

Rail Event

With many years of experience and in-depth expertise in the fields of «rail» and «tourism», Rail Event organises individual rail experiences and extraordinary events from A to Z. Whether for a company or club excursion, a wedding or a family celebration – thanks to the company’s special knowledge, almost any train can be chartered in Switzerland.

ZRT Bahnreisen

Thanks to its extensive experience in the tourism and railway industry as well as long-term, partly exclusive partnerships at national and international level, ZRT Bahnreisen is a specialist for exciting and eventful rail travel worldwide. The variety of offers ranges from short trips lasting several days in Switzerland and Europe, to theme trips and rail experiences in faraway lands.

Pullman Club

Behind «Pullman Club – Travelling in Style –» are knowledgeable people who have been organising unique rail, boat, art and cultural trips for 30 years and are known as experienced organisers. The core team of the Pullman Club is made up of professionals from the hotel and travel industry as well as frequent travellers.